Welding Technology

Certificate of Applied Science (C.A.S.)

Program Description

The primary goal in the first year of the Welding Technology program is to give students the skills and instruction they need to enter the welding industry. With an emphasis on safety, students will receive hands-on, theoretical, and technical training in rigging, blueprint reading, and layout and pattern making. In addition, students will receive extensive lab training in a wide variety of welding processes including S.M.A.W. (stick electrode), G.M.A.W. (wire processes), Pulse M.I.G., T.I.G., and Plasma cutting.

Program Outcomes

  •  Demonstrate knowledge of industry standards for safety and compliance
  •  Demonstrate the proper use of manufacturing equipment
  •  Apply proper techniques for analyzing and producing drawings
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of welding processes, codes, and procedures
  •  Differentiate manufacturing processes and their applicability
  •  Enter the workforce with entry level skills
  •  Exhibit good work ethic with an emphasis on safety and professionalism

Advanced Degree Opportunity

  • A.A.S. Industrial Welding and Metal Fabrication

Advising / Staff

Glen Zeigler - Welding Instructor
(406) 447-6372

Cody Torres - Welding Instructor
(406) 447-6362

Phillip Holcombe - Welding Instructor
(406) 447-6371

Tammy Burke - Trades Division Chair
(406) 447 6352


Gainful Employment

Welding Technology Gainful Employment Information
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