Hybrid Vehicle Service Technology

Certificate of Applied Science (C.A.S.)

Program Description

The Hybrid Vehicle Service Technology Certificate prepares students for employment in automotive service technician occupations working with hybrid vehicle technologies such as:

  •  Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Service Technician
  •  Development Technician
  •  Battery Service Technician
  •  Electrical Test Technician

Courses in this certificate of technical studies emphasize laboratory skills and a project-based experience.

Program Outcomes

  •  Identify the main types of hybrid vehicle technologies and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various hybrid designs
  •  Describe the three types of high voltage safety hazards
  •  Demonstrate the proper use of high voltage personal protective safety equipment when servicing the high voltage system
  •  Perform a high voltage system power down procedure
  •  Diagnose concerns with high-voltage safety, interlock, and isolation-fault detection systems. Determine necessary action
  •  Describe current high voltage battery technologies and their charge/discharge cycles
  •  Diagnose common HV battery failures using scan tool data PIDs
  •  Describe the operation and function of AC induction electric machines
  •  Diagnose the causes of diagnostic trouble codes resulting from malfunctions in the high voltage control system using industry recommended procedures and test equipment
  •  Discuss the operation and function of DC-to-AC inverters
  •  Perform high voltage cooling system maintenance procedures
  •  Describe the basic components and operating cycles of DC-DC converters
  •  Describe the operation of an electric power steering system
  •  Explain the operation of various sensor inputs and how they affect steering output
  •  Determine failures and diagnose faulty electric steering components and sensors
  •  Explain basic vehicle braking operation
  •  Describe the operation of regenerative braking and understand the components role in a braking event
  •  Diagnosis faulty brake components and demonstrate proper repair procedures
  •  Explain hybrid vehicle heating components
  •  Describe electric A/C compressor operation
  •  Describe the A/C system refrigerant loop and system pressure reading
  •  Determine heating and A/C failures and diagnosis repair
  •  Demonstrate proper A/C repair procedures and precautions

Advanced Degree Opportunity

  • A.A.S. Automotive Technology

Advising / Staff

Dave Jones - Automotive Instructor
(406) 447-6359

Joe Zimmerman - Automotive Instructor
(406) 447-6358

Tammy Burke - Trades Division Chair
(406) 447-6352


Gainful Employment

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