Construction Technology

Construction Shop


NOTE: This program is currently in moratorium.

This program is undergoing curricular changes and is temporarily not accepting new students.  For more information, please contact Ryan Loomis at 447-6904.

What type of job can I get?

Construction Helper

Construction Laborer

Construction Inspector


Job outlook & wages

Median Wage in MT*:  $33,160 - $41,810

Median Wage in US*:  $27,780 - $52,360

Expected Growth in MT*:  10.9% - 12.5%

Expected Growth in US*:  16.8% - 20.5%

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Projections; MT Dept. of Labor and Industry, Research and Analysis Bureau



Certificate of Applied Science – Carpentry

Associate of Applied Science – Construction Technology


What you’ll learn

Construction Technology prepares students with entry level skills for the construction industry.  The Certificate of Applied Science, or one-year Carpentry Program, includes site layout, framing, floors, walls, and roofs, as well as interior and exterior finishing, and welding.  The two-year Associate of Applied Science program adds stationary tools, construction management, construction estimating, light equipment and rigging, and special topics in construction.  These classes are taught using a combination of classroom work and hands-on building.  Students will need professional tools to gain employment upon graduation; therefore, they are required to purchase a tool set outlined in the tool section.

 Upon successful completion of this program, a student will be able to:

  • Build components used for residential floor systems, wall systems, roof systems and stairs
  • ​​Install windows, interior and exterior doors, interior trim and casing, locksets, and hardware as well as exteriors corners, soffit, fascia, cornices and exterior siding​
  • Demonstrate the importance of energy efficient building and insulating techniques and be able to install various insulation materials
  • Install, tape , finish, and texture drywall
  • Demonstrate basic methods and safety procedures of moving material and equipment on the job site
  • Demonstrate the basic inspection techniques, knots, and load handling along with the American National Standards Institute hand signals
  • Operate a skid steer, forklift, rough terrain forklift (extend-a-boom forklift), and scissor lifts
  • Demonstrate basic competence in the use of stationary machines for constructing cabinets
  • Perform site layout using distance measurement and leveling
  • Identify different types of decks and patios, including identification of the different types of railings where required.
  • Estimate for both residential and light commercial construction with emphasis on residential
  • Perform calculations using a construction calculator to estimate site-development, concrete costs, and all building materials associated with a construction project
  • Demonstrate ability to carry out basic electrical, plumbing, masonry skills associated with residential construction
  • Demonstrate the ability to work professionally according to industry standards

Program cost

$3,780 - $7,313 (Depending on Program Length)


Potential employers



Mike Ceartin

Jim More

Harold Kelly

Helena College Chat