Metals Technology

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What type of job can I get?




Job outlook & wages

Median Wage in MT*:  $36,040 - $40,410

Median Wage in US*:  $34,730 - $35,450

Expected Growth in MT*:  11.8% - 14.1%

Expected Growth in US*:  -4.6% to -1.6%

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Projections; MT Dept. of Labor and Industry, Research and Analysis Bureau



Associate of Applied Science – Metals Technology


What you’ll learn

Metals technology is designed to prepare students as entry-level technicians in many areas.  Students will study machining processes and procedures, properties of metals, blueprint reading, and inspection techniques.  Welding skills (including practical, theoretical, and technical training) are taught using oxyacetylene, manual stick electrode, semiautomatic Mig, Tig (Heliarc), dualshield Mig, and various additional processes.  Miller Electric has chosen UM-Helena as one of its regional training centers.  Therefore, students will receive training on the latest state-of-the-art equipment in Mig, Tig (Heliarc) and Stick Electrode.  Students will work from blueprints, follow exact specifications, and apply practical shop math to accomplish the required tasks.  Much of the lab time in both areas will be used for shop project work.  Students may being their instruction in the two-year Metals Technology program, depending upon the space available, in either the machine tool or the welding area.


Program cost



Potential employers

Aerospace, Computer companies, Job shop, Gun smiths, Tool and die making companies, CNC companies, Automotive repair shops, Mining companies.



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