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Work Study Job Listings 

Helena College offers Montana State and Federal Work Study Programs. The Work Study Programs provide on- and off-campus employment opportunities to students in order to help meet their educational expenses. The Work Study Program is funded through part of a total financial aid award based upon financial need. Students must be eligible in order to qualify for employment.

Students who participate in the Work Study Program are paid biweekly. Students earn their Work Study award on an hourly basis, the same way they would at a regular job.

To check your eligibility and obtain applications, please contact the Work Study Coordinator or the Financial Aid Office.

For more information regarding the Work Study Program at Helena College, please review the Student Employment Handbook.

Positions Currently Available for 2017-2018

America Reads/America Counts
Date Posted: 8/16/2017
Semester/Year: Fall 2017/ Spring 2018
Hours: varies
Contact: Karina Moulton, Work Study Coordinator—447-6915

Duties: Literacy Tutors may be employed in a pre-reading or reading program for individual students or groups of pre-school through elementary students, and also Family Literacy programs. Math Tutors may be employed to serve children in kindergarten through ninth grade.

Computer Lab Monitor
Department: Computer Technology
Date Posted: 8/1/2017
Semester/Year: Fall 2017/Spring 2018
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: 12 hours per week
Position(s) Available: 4-5
Contact: Bryon Steinwand, Computer Technology Instructor—447-6967

Duties: Monitor computer lab and assist students with connecting to network recourses. Enforce food and drink rules in computer lab; ensure lab is vacated when lab is over; assist students in connecting to network recourses; notify maintenance of any problems with facilities; notify IT or CT program of hardware or software issues; assist CT program with software upgrades to lab computers, as well as other duties as assigned.

Orientation Leader
Department: Student Support Center
Semester/Year: Spring 2018
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: Orientation Day and Prior training
Contact: Jonathan Drew, Academic Advisor--447-6941

Duties: Are you comfortable speaking in front of a group of students? Can you bring excitement about your college experience? Can you entertain a group of 20-25 students for 4-5 hours? If so, you may be the right fit for a Helena College Orientation Leader. Orientation Leaders (OL) have a unique opportunity to work first hand with new incoming students. You will be interacting with both traditional and non-traditional students by leading guided tours through the campus, providing important information, directing students to orientation workshop sessions, setting up/tearing-down event items, administering orientation surveys, and most of all having fun!

Parking Attendant
Department: Student Affairs
Date Posted: 8/1/2017
Semester/Year: Fall 2017/ Spring 2018
Location: Airport Campus
Hours: 9 hours per week (flexible with student schedules)
Contact: Bridget Guerin, Administrative Associate Airport Campus—447-6350

Description: Will be responsible for monitoring vehicles that are parked on the Helena College Airport Campus safety parking compliance. Including assisting the Helena College Airport Campus Welcome Center Administrator with various projects as needed, including Excel and customer service.

Retail Services Assistant
Department: Retail Services
Date Posted: 10/26/17
Semester/Year: Fall 2017/ Spring 2018
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: up to 20 hours per week
Contact: Josh Bennett, Retail Services Manager—447-6932

Duties: Work Studies will be able to work in all areas of Retail Services. This includes the Coffee Counter, Kitchen, and Bookstore. Duties include: running cash drawers, providing excellent customer service, preparing and stocking food in the kitchen, making customers drinks at the coffee counter, stocking and maintaining merchandise in the Bookstore, cleaning, and other assorted duties as assigned.

RMDC Head Start Assistant
Date Posted: 8/1/2017
Semester/Year: Fall 2017/Spring 2018
Location: RMDC Head Start
Hours: 10 hours per week
Contact: Karina Moulton, Work Study Coordinator—447-6915

Duties: This position is responsible for assisting the Teacher in implementing, and coordinating all classroom activities. Promote respect for children and staff so that optimal learning for children occurs in a safe and nurturing setting; provide accommodation for children with special needs. Demonstrate an understanding of early child development; demonstrate knowledge of human relations skills; adherence to the state and federal policies and procedures pertaining to child abuse and neglect. Computer literacy: emails, ability to learn and utilize program specific software and online tools and training. Keeps all information on families strictly confidential.

Other requirements: Must meet educational and physical work demands with or without qualifications. Please see full job descriptions for these requirements.  

Student Employment Week

April 2-6, 2018. Student Employee of the Year Award presented during this week!

If interested please contact the Work Study Coordinator to see if you are eligible: 447-6915 

Notice to all Helena College Work Study Students:

All payroll information/changes may be made at: http://cyberbear.umt.edu/

Instructions: Login to Cyberbear using the above link. Below the sign in boxes under the Need Help With Your Account? heading click What's My NetID? Enter the requested information to retrieve your NetID and then click the Forgot Password link to obtain password to login.    

To obtain calendars of time periods and time sheets go to HR Forms page under Payroll.     

Please contact the Helena College Financial Aid Department at 406-447-6916 with any questions.

“Helena College provides equal employment opportunities to applicants and employees without regard to race, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.”

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