Computer Technology


What type of job can I get?

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Technician

Computer Programmer

Network and Computer Systems Administrator


Job outlook & wages

Median Wage in MT*:  $32,300 - $57,430

Median Wage in US*: $37,280 - $71,380

Expected Growth in MT*: -2.1% - 21.3%

Expected Growth in US*: -4.4% - 23.2%

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Projections; MT Dept. of Labor and Industry, Research and Analysis Bureau


Degrees / Certificates

Associate of Applied Science – Network Administration

Associate of Applied Science – Programming

Certificate of Applied Science – Computer Assistant


What you’ll learn

Computer technology is designed to teach students the basic knowledge and skills necessary to solve technical and business oriented problems using computer development tools and to build and maintain computer systems and networks.  Students will experience a variety of course work using Web development, workstation, and server-based computer systems.  Courses are organized to provide a mix of lecture and hands-on experience.  Typical classes cover personal computer applications and languages include Oracle, Visual Basic.NET, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, C#, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, Perl, XML, and Java Script.  Operating systems used are Windows 7, windows 2008 Server, CISCO IOS, and Linux.  Completion of the first year’s curriculum in Network Administration, Programming, or Webmaster leads to a certificate in Computer Assistant.  The two-year curriculum leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree with options in Network Administration, Programming, or Webmaster.


Program cost

$4,000 - $7,959 (Depending on Length of Program)


Potential employers

Work in information technology in corporate, industrial, educational, or government sectors.



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